SocketQ is a set of high performance C++ classes designed exclusively for the purpose of creating high performance network client and server applications. Almost any kind of application that uses TCP/IP over an intranet or the Internet can be built with SocketQ, including Telnet Servers, Telnet Clients, SMTP Servers, Mail Clients/Servers, FTP Clients and Servers, Web Servers (HTTP), Internet Browsers, Internet Search Utilities. Some of the features that SocketQ offers are:

  • Number of connections are only limited by machines resources.

  • Access to TCP/IP header options and optional options (see the SetSockOption method for more information).

  • Support for configuring the number of threads in the thread pool.

  • Use of overlapped I/O ensures lightning fast throughput.

  • Timeout for connects as well as async connects

  • For NT machines allow the sending of files with the absolute minimum system resource usage (via the TransmitFileByName method).

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